Brewery Tap List

Current Beers on Tap

All our beers are brewed fresh on site. Our core beers, Normal Beer, Stone Cold Hazy, Traveller, Red ’67 and Dark Vader, are available all year around unless we have a guest tap or a one-off keg promotion. Our other taps rotate seasonally to keep things fresh! We all know who wins out of that… You!

Normal Beer

ABV: 4.9%
IBU: 23


I just want a normal beer!”  Well, when our fans talk we listen. The combo of Australian pilsner and traditional ale malts pair up nicely with the crisp clean bitterness of the hops to produce a refreshing full strength bitter ale.

Malt  ::  Pilsner, Pale, Carapils, Wheat
Hops ::  Target

Stone Cold Hazy

ABV: 4.7%
IBU: 26


Music for your mouth! A session beer with the quenching mix of citrus and fruity notes from the Azacca and Huell Melon hops, is balanced nicely with the slight tartness from the wheaty malt bill.  The sunny day session beer.

Malt  ::  Pale, Wheat
Hops ::  Azacca, Huell Melon


ABV: 5.0%
IBU: 36


This tasty Pale Ale is a tribute to everyone that’s travelled from near and far to quench a thirst at our little brewery. The solid malt bill is matched perfectly with our hop combo of Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic. It’s the all day Pale Ale!

Malt  ::  Pale, Vienna, Wheat
Hops ::   Galaxy, Citra, Mosaic

Quencher Variety Tap

ABV: Varies
IBU: -

Usually we have we have something refreshing and bright on this tap, from a range of spritzy Sour beers, to Hazy Pale Ales and XPA’s.

Big Beer Variety Tap

ABV: Varies
IBU: -

Usually we have something big and bold on this tap from Dark Ales, to Porters, Double IPA’s and the odd English variety.

IPA Variety Tap

ABV: Varies
IBU: -

Our IPA variety tap is usually home to our single hop IPA series with ‘My Idaho’ the captain of the ship. But we do mix it up with SessionIPA’s, Outcream IPA’s, Milkshake IPA’s, West Coast IPA’s and Double IPA’s.

Red '67

ABV: 6.7%
IBU: 67


The muscle car beast of beers. The Red ’67 has big malt, balanced with big hops. Bright Red and coming in at 67 IBU and 6.7%. this beer will push you back in your seat and have you singing soul into the sunset.

Malt  ::  RedX, Pilsner, Carapils, Crystal, Wheat
Hops ::  Columbus, Simcoe

Dark Vader

ABV: 5.6%
IBU: 39


The father of smooth stouts. A stout with flavour notes of roasted malt, sweet caramel, and dark fruit, this black number is a taste sensation to behold. The force is with us all on this one!

Malt  ::  Pilsner, Crystal, Roast Barley, Brown, Oats
Hops ::  Cascade


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