Our Story

One day a barista, an arborist and a photographer walked into a pub…..

…Well it starts out a little like that…

We recognised our awesome little town Halls Gap could do with its own brewery. A drawcard for visitors and a meeting place for locals. A place of entertainment, and a place of good food. A hub in the centre of town that would bring people together.  We had a strong vision of what we wanted to create, and two of us could brew.

All we needed was funding, a premises to operate from, install a brewery, install a commercial kitchen, find a chef, and learn how to proficiently brew on a larger scale. Oh and we needed a name! Easy right?

Three and a half years later, multiple funding options exhausted, a few thankfully locked in, a last minute premises opportunity, and lots and lots of hard work and close-knit support, and Paper Scissors Rock Brew Co was open!

Our vision of bringing good craft beer, great food, and live music to Halls Gap and the Grampians, in an inviting, inclusive, and social environment was now in place. Still is! Come and check us out!


Oh, and the most asked question… Why the name?

…Well, we had three names for the brewery, none of which we truly liked. The suggestion was made that we should just Paper Scissors Rock for it.

We thought Paper Scissors Rock was suggested as a fourth option. Seeings all the most important decisions in life get made using Paper Scissors Rock, we instantly liked it. After a moment of confusion we all decided that our accidental new name suited everything we were about and that the name would stick. ✋✌️🤘